About LivMoray

With global headquarters and an extensive network of logistics hubs and customer service centers, we’re here to create that feeling of home for everyone, anywhere.

Our corporate headquarters in United States are surrounded by world-class technology and educational institutions, providing access to top talent.

We operate 5 fulfillment and 12 delivery centers representing millions of square feet across the U.S.

Our Sales & Service teams in the U.S. along with our virtual team allow us to meet the needs of our global customer base.


Through intelligent design, these products use less energy than would otherwise be required and are independently certified to meet strict standards for energy efficiency set by the EPA ENERGY STAR® Certification.

Environmentally Preferred

Environmentally Preferred products have a reduced impact on human health and the environment in comparison to similar products and often have a lower carbon footprint. This includes products that are sourced in accordance with higher social and environmental standards - for both textiles (cotton, wool, down, etc.) and wood.

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